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Utility Bills

Water Billing Information

Water/Sewer Bills go out quarterly: February, May, August and November.  If you have an irrigation meter you will receive two bills during the August and November billing periods.  Customers can signup to have their bill emailed to them. Fill out the attached fillable form click the email button. Water/Sewer bills are due by the 20th of the month.  Reminder due date is the due date even with weekends and holidays. Payments can be made at City Hall, dropbox by front door or online.  Accepted payments are cash, check, debit or credit cards.  You may also sign up to have your account automatically deducted on the due date Auto Debit Payments.

There is no longer a summer sewer discount fee.  You may choose to purchase a second meter for sprinkling.

Late Fees:  If your payment is after the 20th of the month a 10% penalty is added and 1% each month thereafter.  If the DPW has to deliver a reminder notice to your door a $25 fee will be added to your account.  Water may be shut off if no payment is received. 

To pay online or to inquire about your bill click here

Moving out?  Please call 24 hrs before moving out so we can read and calculate your final bill.