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Estimation Tax Calculator

 General Instructions

This calculator is designed to provide tax estimates by multiplying the property values entered and the most current millage rates available.  Tab through each item and click the calculate button once you have entered your information.  The enter key doesn't work in some incidences.

The calculator can provide estimates for summer taxes, winter taxes, or both.  The Winter 2021 Special Assessment Trash Contract add $197.40 per household to winter tax bill.  This is not included in this calculation.

* For new homeowners, please enter half of the purchase price of your property.

** For existing homeowners, please enter the current taxable value of your property.

What can I expect to happen to my taxes when I purchase a different property?
In the year immediately following a transfer of ownership the Taxable Value will be adjusted to and be equal with the proposed State Equalized Value. The proposed S.E.V. should represent 50% of the True Cash Value of the property. The actual amount of increase in taxable value will be the difference between the taxable value at time of sale and the following years' S.E.V.

Year of transfer / Year following transfer
S.E.V. $125,000 to $135,000
T.V. $100,000 to $135,000