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Weather Preparedness

Severe_WeatherDid you know that 37 percent of Americans are not preparing for disasters because they are relying on emergency responders to help them? Also, studies show 42 percent of individuals do not have a household emergency plan.

Everyone has a role in being prepared for disasters, including citizens. Individuals need to be prepared to care for themselves and their loved ones during and immediately following a disaster for at least three days until other resources are available. Local governments will always be the first to respond. However, in the event of a major or catastrophic disaster, the first priority is often special populations, such as the elderly or the disabled, so it may take emergency personnel a few days to help you.

When roads are flooded, bridges destroyed and the environment is dangerous, you need to have a plan in place and supplies on hand to help ease your own response. Make a plan. Stay informed. Assemble an emergency supply kit.

A major hurricane, tornado or storm might be just days or weeks away. Preparation during peacetime can reduce the risk of devastation to yourself and your family. So know your flood risk and the hazards in your community.

Know Your Risk

Take Action

  • Watches=severe weather is possible. Warnings=severe conditions have begun or will begin soon. #SevereWeatherPrep
  • Talk with your kids about #SevereWeatherPrep. Know the facts: Communication Plan
  • Make a plan to connect during severe weather by text, e-mail, social media & cell. #SevereWeatherPrep
  • #SevereWeatherPrep tips: Only travel if necessary, keep phones charged, check on neighbors, & bring pets indoors.
  • Pack an emergency kit for each person and pet traveling in your car:  #SevereWeatherPrep

FEMA Supply List


  • Prepare before a #flood by installing a water alarm in your basement.  
  • 30: The number of days it takes for flood insurance to begin. Don’t wait until it’s too late!  
  • Flooding is an increased risk if you live close to sea level! Know your risk and prepare!  
  • More tips: click here  

  • Don't get it twisted! Tornadoes can occur with almost no warning! Get prepared w/ Tornadoes #PrepareAthon
  • Lightning and hail are common in tornado weather! Learn what else to expect. #PrepareAthon