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Beach Areas & Fees

There are two beach areas in the city known, informally, as the "big" and "little" beach. The little beach is located on Lakeview and the big beach is on Ferndale at the park area. You must swim at your own risk as we do not employ a lifeguard at either swim area. During summer months we have Park Rangers who patrol the park areas and will ask to see your tag. If you do not have one you will be asked to leave the park. The park areas close at 11:00 p.m. The gates on Ferndale and Lakeview are closed on the weekends only until the schools are closed for the summer, then the gates are closed daily.  Weather permitting, the goal is to have the gates closed from noon - 9 p.m. or until the Park Rangers leaves. This occurs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, again the weather may change this.


Use of Beach Tags and Boat Ramp Keys are required. No person shall use the City’s recreational facilities without first having applied for and obtaining the appropriate tag or key in accordance with these regulations.

Use of Boat Ramp

No person shall use the City’s boat ramp unless the person has been issued a Boat Ramp Key by the City.

Residents purchasing a Boat Ramp Key must register each watercraft they intend to launch at the boat ramp.

Boat Ramp Keys: $50.00

In addition to the Ramp Key, every watercraft being launched at the boat ramp must have an annual launch pass permanently affixed to their watercraft or be in possession of a boat launch guest pass following the guidelines.

No Boat Ramp Key is to be loaned for use by other persons.

No Boat Ramp Key shall be duplicated.

The boat ramp shall be securely locked after each use in order to prevent unauthorized use of the boat ramp.

Only one Boat Ramp Key will be issued per residence. 

Annual Boat Launch Pass (Sticker) No person shall launch a watercraft from the City’s boat ramp without an annual launch pass permanently affixed to their watercraft. The purchase of a ramp key alone does not entitle the key holder to launch an unlimited number of watercrafts.

Launch Passes will be issued only to residents showing proof of registration for their watercraft. Watercraft must be registered to a Sylvan Lake resident at resident’s address.

One Launch Pass is included with the purchase of the Ramp Key for those residents showing proof of registration for their watercraft. A launch pass will not be issued to residents that do not own a watercraft.

Additional Launch Pass(es) may be purchased for those residents' proving ownership of additional watercraft. Each watercraft must be registered to the Sylvan Lake resident at resident’s address.

The annual launch pass must be placed on the left side of the watercraft (when seated in the craft). It must be at least four inches (4") but no more than six inches (6") to the LEFT of the Michigan Watercraft Registration sticker.

Those watercrafts being launched at the boat ramp that do not require MC numbers, must place the annual Launch Pass on the left side of their watercraft, toward the front, in the general area of MC numbers. Example: small row boats, canoes on trailers, etc.

Watercraft not requiring the use of the boat ramp that does not require a launch pass would be the following examples: Canoes, kayaks, etc.

Docking and/or Mooring of Boats Prohibited - There shall be no docking or mooring of any watercraft in those areas where signs prohibiting same are appropriately posted.

A Boat Launch Guest Pass will be issued to residents only, for the purpose of allowing a specific guest and/or family member who are visiting for the day use of the boat ramp. The pass is good for only one watercraft for one day. Residents obtain a guest pass from City Hall or the Park Ranger to register their guest (Must provide watercraft information along with the MC# that will be using the boat ramp) and then use their own launch key to launch their guest’s boat. The paperwork would have to be shown at the boat ramp because there will be no sticker issued.

Boat Launch Guest Pass: $50.00 Resident only for specific guest, for a specific day.

Park/Beach Tags

Beach Tags, Sports/Tennis Tags, and Boat Ramp Keys will be issued only to persons showing proof of residency in the City of Sylvan Lake.

Park/Beach Tags: $30.00 ($25.00 for Senior Citizens 65 years of age and older)

Each Park/Beach Tag entitles the resident’s (household) entire family plus eight (8) guests to the use of the park and beach areas.

Each resident of the city must obtain his/her own Park/Beach Tag for use of the park areas. No resident may be the guest of another resident.

All residents must have the Park/Beach Tag in his/her possession when on any of the recreational areas and must produce it as identification when asked by the Park Ranger, Police Officer, or other City employees, or those authorized by the City Manager.

A Park Day Pass allows a resident that has not yet purchased a park tag, to purchase a day pass from the Park Ranger, Police Officer or other City employee, with the same benefits as a park tag for that calendar day only. The resident must provide a valid driver's license indicating they are a resident of the City prior to a day pass being issued. The day pass is intended as temporary use and is not intended to take the place of a park tag.

Day Park/Beach Pass: $10.00 Resident, family member and guests for one calendar day.

Sports/Tennis Tags:

Sports Tag fee: $50.00

Each Sports Tag entitles a resident to the use of one (1) tennis court, bocce court or volleyball court with a maximum of three (3) guests.

No guest is entitled to use the facilities or other recreation area unless accompanied by a resident.

The Sports/Tennis Tag must be hung on the board at the tennis court entrance prior to use of the tennis facility.

Tennis courts, bocce courts and volleyball courts are to be used on a first come, first served basis, but when people are waiting the use of a tennis court, there shall be a maximum time use of the tennis court of ninety (90) minutes.

Other Park Regulations

Motorized Vehicles Prohibited

No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed in any park area except those areas designed for parking with the exception of emergency vehicles used and authorized by the City Administration.

Loud Noises and Music Prohibited

No amplified music or sound system will be allowed in the park area with the exception of personal radio and/or recorders, the volume of which shall be kept at a reasonable level.

All Glass Containers Prohibited

There shall be no glass containers allowed in any park at any time.