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Garage Sale

Please note there is $10 fee which must be paid within 48 hours of submitting this form online.  You can either pay online or drop off the payment.

a. A non-accessory "garage sale" sign shall not exceed four square feet PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY TWO(2) GARAGE SALES WILL BE ALLOWED AT ANY GIVEN ADDRESS AND/OR RESIDENCE IN THE CITY DURING A CONSECUTIVE TWELVE MONTH PERIOD. The City Council has established a permit fee of $5.00 and no sale shall be held without first obtaining the necessary permit. Any sign including "garage sale" sign, which is not more than six square feet in area, may be erected on a residential premises provided the total of all such signs on one premises shall not exceed six square feet and shall further be restricted as follows: a. A non-accessory "garage sale" sign shall not exceed four square feet in area for that purpose of directing to a garage, estate or similar sale, may be located on private property. The sign height shall not exceed six feet above grade. b. Permission to locate subject signs shall be obtained from the owner or occupant of property on which the sign is located. Failure to comply with this condition shall be cause for immediate removal of such sign. c. Such signs shall not be erected in such a manner that they will or reasonable may be expected to interfere with, obstruct, confuse, or mislead traffic. d. NO SIGNS ARE ALLOWED IN THE ROAD RIGHT-OF-WAY (ROW) e. Removal: All garage sale or similar signs are to be removed with 24 hours of the last day of said sale.