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Oakland County Boat Club

The Oakland County Boat Club has been a part of Sylvan Lake history since prior to 1917 when it was officially started. The original building was used as a social center. Frank Phillips played piano and Dr. Bernard TePoorten sang so they became friends and were the primary source of entertainment to the men and women in their social circle who came every Saturday night. Coffee and doughnuts were served and couples performed the dances of the day. Poker tables held people's coats when they were not in use for games. Small children slept on the coats until midnight when everyone went home.

In 1917 the present clubhouse was built. Community meetings for the Sylvan Lake Council and the Garden Club were frequently held there. The club was built on pilings and had boat wells under the structure. In the 1930's the clubhouse was moved back seventy feet to the present location.

Powerboats dominated the club until World War II, when, because of fuel restrictions, sailboats took over. Every Sunday morning during the summer, a cannon would fire, signaling a sailing race. Nineteen members of the boat club were in the armed forces. After the war, the club returned to their annual power regattas. One or two races have been held yearly since that time.

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