Recreational Vehicles

The City maintains a fenced-in, locked area behind City Hall in which residents and non-residents may rent a spot for storing Recreational vehicles. The charge is $400.00 per year for residents and $450.00 for non-residents.  RV Application

The outdoor storage or parking of any airplane, antique or racing automobile, boat, boat hoist or dock, float, trailer, trailer coach, camping trailer, motorized home, demountable travel equipment of the type adaptable to light duty trucks, and other equipment or vehicles of a similar nature, shall be prohibited for a period greater than forty-eight (48) hours in all single-family residential districts, except where expressly permitted by other provisions of this chapter, and unless the following minimum conditions are met: 
           (1)       All such vehicles or equipment shall be placed within a completely enclosed building or located behind the required front yard setback of the principal building, but no closer than three feet to any side or rear lot line.