City Hall 

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The Sylvan Lake City Hall, built in 1929, was designed by architect Charles Fisher, who also designed and built Whitfield School. This small, charming building is known as cottage style architecture. A ramp originally led to a parking garage under the building where the city's fire truck and police car were parked.  This was later converted to a storage area and conference room. All city offices, including the Police Department, are currently located in this quaint building. The fire truck has been moved to Tri-City Fire Department.

City Manager

Sylvan Lake's City Manager is John Martin. The City Manager is appointed by City Council and carries out all duties as requested by Council.  These tasks range from seeing that laws and ordinances are enforced, advising Council as to financial conditions of the City, preparing the annual budget and submitting it to Council, supervising all employees in the City, overseeing all operations of the City, as well as many other duties.

John Martin has served as City Manager for the City of Sylvan Lake since 1992. Previously he was the DPW Superintendent and prior to that worked in the DPW. John has served the City since 1984.


City Clerk 

Our City Clerk is Dennise Dryden.  The Clerk gives notice of its meetings, attend all meetings of the Council and maintains the official minutes of the Council, a record of all ordinances, resolutions, and actions of the Council.

The Clerk is the general accountant of the City.

The City Clerk's office maintains voting records, registers new voters, and distributes and receives absentee ballots. To be eligible to vote you must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age, a Michigan resident for a minimum of 30 days, and reside in Sylvan Lake. You must be registered at least 30 days prior to the election date to be eligible to vote in that election. You may register to vote at City Hall or the Office of the Secretary of State. We have one precinct, #1, and vote at the Community Center, 2456 Pontiac Dr.. The polls are open on any election day, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. School Elections also take place at the Community Center.

Dennise Dryden was hired by Interim City Manager John Martin in 1991.   Previously she worked for the City of Lathrup Village as Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.  Dennise is an Accredited Election Official and has served on the Oakland County Clerk's Association Board.


City Treasurer


Dennise Dryden is also the Treasurer. The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the collection of all monies owed to the City, and investment of surplus funds.

Dennise is a Certified Public Finance Administrator and Certified Public Fund Investment Manager and serves on many committees for Michigan Municipal Treasurer's Association. 

Administrative Employees

Deputy Clerk, Cathy Shaughnessy and Administrative Assistant Robin Brophy currently works at the front desk and helps by assisting the public by receiving payments, answering questions, take complaints, answer the phones, voter registration, Elections, Community Development Block Grant funds and assist the City Manager and Clerk/Treasurer. 



Bryan & Kevin web
The DPW staff has two full time employees, Bryan (right) and Kevin (left).


The Public Works Department is responsible for constructing and maintaining the City’s infrastructure. We accomplish some of the work with our employees and equipment; the rest is contracted to private firms, such as garbage collection and large paving projects. In this way, our citizens receive the benefit of the best service at the least possible cost.

There are approximately 34 streets in the City of Sylvan Lake. We cover about 8.16 square miles of  of City streets, as well as 2 miles of Oakland County roadways.

Our department works under the supervision of the City Manager. During emergency situations, they are on call and work during times after storms and during snow and icy weather to clear roads. 

Some of their other duties include;
Maintenance to City Hall and Community Center, Park restrooms, Repair and patch potholes, Street sign repair, Empty trash in parks as well as many other odds and ends. 

The DPW also maintains the water and sewer systems including water meter reading and repairs, turning services on/off,  lift station maintenance, hydrant maintenance and flushing, installation of new water services, water samples, sewer and catch basin cleaning. They are also responsible for a wide range of miscellaneous duties.