Citizens Guide Dashboard

City's Performance

As you may be aware, an initiative put into place by Gov. Snyder requires local government to measure their performance. This interactive financial dashboard which is now available on our website provides a clear picture of the City's Financial performance. The Dashboard and Citizen's Guide is the Accountability and Transparency requirement under the State of Michigan Economic Vitality Incentive Plan (EVIP).


As indicated by the State “Meeting this criterion will require the local unit to report on measures such as fiscal stability, economic strength, public safety, quality of life and other measures the local unit select that are relevant to the local unit’s strategic goals and objectives.” Click here to view the 2016 Performance Dashboard.

Citizen's Guide

The purpose of the Citizens’ Guide is to provide citizens with a document that will help them better understand their City’s finances. We hope this presentation which shows important financial measures will be easily understood by the City’s citizen. Click here to view the 2016 Citizen Guide