Date Election                                                          
  • November 6, 2018 General Election                VOTER TURN OUT 76.07%

Local Issues on the November Ballot:
Five candidates vying for three openings on City Council for 4 year term:

Ben Clarke  567
Brian Etter  372
Steven Petersen  298
Joseph Salemi  440
Mike Zubrzycki  504

Charter Amendment Ballot Proposal:  YES:  625  NO:  397

Shall the Charter be amended to delete Sections 13.5(b) and 13.5(c), which currently allow the levy of millages in the amount of 1.8711 mills and 4.6778 mills, respectively, and replace them with a new Section 13.5(b) establishing a single new additional millage of 7.0 mills for public safety purposes, from 2019 to 2028 inclusive? It is estimated that if levied, 7.0 mills would raise approximately $662,970 when first levied in 2019.  This would be in place of the approximately $620,246 that the two millages being repealed would have raised.  The City’s other Charter authority to levy taxes would be unaffected.