Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is an advisory group to Council and is composed of six members appointed by the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council. The planning commission members serve for terms of three years each, along with a representative of City Council working with the Planning and Zoning Administrator .  They meet monthly, the first Tuesday of February, at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center.  Planning Commission will meet a minimum of 4 times per year.  Dates are subject to change due to agenda topics.  Please watch the calendar for scheduled meetings.

Planning Commission develops a master plan as a guide for development within the city's planning jurisdiction.

They act as the initial reviewing body on all re-zoning requests and guide residential and commercial developments so that continuity and compatibility of land use will benefit the City. The Planning Commission also advises City Council on possible zoning ordinance changes. 

Board Members                          Term Expires

Chairman                     Ed Robbins                                                             February 28, 2021 

Vice-Chair                   Graham Cousens                                                    February 28, 2020   

Members                      Bill Brundage                                                         February 28, 2022

                                        Pete  Shelters                                                         February 28, 2021

                                        Jim Smith                                                               February 28, 2020
                                        David Frankel                                                        February 28, 2022

Council Rep                  Aron Lorenz                                                           December 2020

Recording Secretary     Dennise Dryden

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