Sidewalk Sale Permit Application

Name of Business or/ persons conducting the sale:
Address of sale:
Proposed Date of Sale:
Hours of Sale:

Merchandise to be sold:
Date of any prior sales conducted at the same location or/ by the same applicant
Is the business located in a shared building with other merchants? How many other stores?
# of parking spaces currently available?
# of parking spaces that will be deleted during the sale?
Draw a site plan of the business including all business on the site. Show the ingress and egress from the parking area with individual parking sites. Indicate sidewalks. Indicate in RED the exact location of the proposed sale of merchandise display and the relationship to the pedestrian and park sites.
Additional Comments:

Date Submitted:

Approved by:


On a separate sheet please draw a site plan of your business. (If you are located in a mall-type of setting or share parking with another business, please include all businesses in the site.)  Show ingress and egress from your parking area and show the individual parking sites.  Indicate any sidewalks and/or pedestrian passages.  Indicate (in red) the exact location of the proposed sale merchandise display and its relationship to the pedestrian and parking sites.

Municipal office use only